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  Where did culture come from? Culture came from people's daily work,that is where ruiyuan culture became.Since the beginning ,Ruiyuaners serve each custumer with the spirit of sincerity and precision.In the process of manufacture ,we understand precision is the key to success,which prove the development and improvement of Ruiyuan Precision with each Ruiyuaner .We not only persue excellent quality of products ,but also the details of production.As an Private enterprise,we gain big profits from market with our gumption and determination,in return, Ruiyuaners share those benefits together,such as we go for tourism and organize sport competition every year ,which enrich ruiyuaners' life .Ruiyuaners also treat Ruiyuan Precision as a big family.We believe that Ruiyuan Precision will have a bright future with those Ruiyuaners' cohesion.