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图片关键词Reviewing the past, Ruiyuan is proud! Ruiyuan had practiced China's reform and open process, he has grown up to be a young boy from a toddler. Ruiyuan won his place in the fierce competition, and develop a new road for the local private enterprises. Jinjiang, the former bleak ground, has become a modern plant! In the face of challenge, Ruiyuan is strength! Ruiyuan believes that challenges often are accompanied by opportunities. In the face of harsh market, Ruiyuan people always adhere to the steady business philosophy, in good faith and pragmatic spirit, continuous improvement spirit has won high speed development.


Looking forward to the future, Ruiyuan is confident!Like other China's private enterprises, ruiyuan has gone through difficulties and hardships stage, unite a group of key employees who are willing to dedicate oneself to career,temper a teamgood at fighting. Ruiyuan’s tomorrow will be better!